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photographer, guide, location scout, officiant, snack hauler...

My favorite part about helping couples plan the start of their amazing adventure together is brainstorming unique ideas that they have never thought of. Activities like taking a Jeep off-roading, going for a hot air balloon ride, or even finding a vineyard where you can create and cork your own special blend. Be creative with the day and give yourself the freedom to do the dang thing! Create a day that truly reflects the two of you. After all, that's what this whole thing is about.

meet samantha

a native Texan that absolutely loves exploring this beautiful world we get to live in.


let's brainstorm how to make your wedding day dreams come true!

skip the drama. forget about the seating charts. Connect with nature.
listen to your heart.

I know from first hand experience planning a wedding (or elopement) can be incredibly overwhelming. My process is to empower you both to be yourselves, speak your deep truths, find out what's most important, and make value-based decisions that matter to your whole lives.... and go from there! I'll share everything I know about planning elopements to make your day as easy and stress-free as possible.

I believe that being outdoors is deeply connecting. Many of us spend much of our days disconnected from both nature & each other. Reconnecting with mother nature can help rejuvenate your mind & body. So why not spend the day you open your heart and your life to your partner be along side the mother.

After a few years of family photography, I was drawn to weddings. I quickly realized how wasteful and stressful they usually are. I'd see so many people running around stressed to the max on a day that was mean to be all about love and the joining of two hearts.

After having conversations with other married couples & reflecting on their wedding days, I realized that their experience was a lot like mine. They were all overjoyed about the big day, but after prying a bit more, I noticed a common theme. The event was too short and felt like it was over before it started. They didn't get to spend quality time with the people they'd invited, and most of all they hardly spent any time with their new spouse.

an origin story


that's my story... i'd love to hear yours!

My mom took my brother and I on a month long camping trip along the Pacific North West when I was a teenager. Although I'm sure I didn't appreciate it at the time... I now know how impactful that trip was to me.

I began appreciating mother earth and considering the choices I made as a young adult, that impacted our environment and my own health. I stopped wearing daily makeup, tried to eat organic, and learned more about alternative ways of living.

... what if weddings could be different?

let's emphasize being
grounded & connected.

My husband and I were friends for about 6 years before we ever started dating. Early into our dating years we were expecting our first boy. Three years later we decided to add another... boy! I love them with all my heart

surrounded by boys

No. 2

One of my most favorite days was when the lady at Chipotle wrote "his" and "hers" on mine and my husband's burrito :' )


No. 1

I don't know where I got this idea, but I got it in my head as a young person that I was going to have my babies at home. I had two amazing birth experiences in the comfort of our home, surrounded by friends and family. If you want to get me excited, ask me some questions about home birth!!

homebirth advocate

No. 3

We purchased a vintage Airstream a couple of years ago with plans to renovate it ourselves and travel with the boys while they're young. Not sure what we were thinking... with two young children. But it's currently being worked on by some professionals and we hope to have it by 2020 and our first stop is Big Bend!

vintage airstream traveler

No. 4

I love all plants. I love the energy they provide in the home and the why they can transform any space into a feel good oasis. My favorites are orchids and anything that spills over and hangs off the edges!!

plant lady

No. 6

I don't always wear jewelry, but when I do.... I wear rose gold.

rose gold

No. 5

When you book me as your elopement photographer you're getting so much more than just a day of photographer. Helping couples like you dream up and plan an amazing day that's 100% personalized and unique to them give me so much joy.

more than just a photographer

logistics planner, location scout, adventure partner,
pack mule, & the best third wheel you've ever met.


let's start planning your stress-free, dream elopement!

having an elopement means you get to break free from
tradition, obligations, & expectations

Selecting a location can be difficult. This world is so incredibly beautiful and diverse, how could you possibly pick a favorite?? I've got a process to help narrow it down and find you the perfection location. I know what permits are needed, I have suggestions for other vendors, and can help you decide what to pack for your epic adventure!

I promise to bring an always chipper attitude, be down for whatever the day throws at us (going with the flow is a special skill of mine), and make every effort to be your new BFF. I'll be your #1 fan that's there to zip up your dress, fluff your hair after a long hike, AND can even make your intimate vow reading legal!