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Cecilio Lifestyle Newborn

Baby Cecilio’s Newborn Session

Family of three with newborn boy. Indoor portrait in nursery. Lifestyle newborn photography.

I have recently decided to shift gears in my business and re-assess what I’m passionate about. What the purpose is of my business, it’s been so very interesting to really sit down and take a deeper look into myself and how that reflects into my business and my gifts and my work. So I’m working towards specializing in adventure elopement photography! And I’m beyond excited about this! I’ll continue serving my family clients until it makes more sense for me not to, but I plan to be showing less and less of that so that I can put forward into the universe that elopements is where my heart is and where I want to be moving forward to.

All that to say, I was going to just stop blogging and sharing on social media my family shoots. But then I thought that didn’t really feel right either, to just cut it off cold turkey like that. And plus, I really wanted to share this little cutie and his amazing parents! I’ve taken Christmas pictures for these two (and their three dogs) for a couple of years in a row now and I was SO thrilled when Ashely messaged me around Christmas time to tell me they were expected and wanted me to do their announcements and sent it to my house so I could have creative freedom to create a cute New Year’s themed announcement 🙂

I took bluebonnet/maternity pictures for them out in the country and I loved her dress so much (see those here)!! I came to their house and went outside to get reacquainted with their fur babies outside. These two love their dogs so much, I love how soft they are and spent some quality time with Pearl on the couch while Cecilio had some milk. I loved how protective Pearl was with the newest addition to the family. I always wished my dogs would seem to care or even notice, when we had kids… nope. I absolutely loved how simple and colorful their home was decorated! It felt so clean and fresh walking in. Which reminded me I need to spend some time cleaning and culling my house.

I love the space themed nursery also. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before and it was so cute. That rug is so cool! I hope you enjoy these cute cuddles and sweet moments as I did taking them!! Can’t wait until Christmas 🙂 🙂


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