First Birthday Party Floral/Plant Themed -

First Birthday Party Floral/Plant Themed


Love this kind, beautiful family!

I was so excited when Amber messaged me about doing another birthday shoot for her second born! I was at her son’s birthday party earlier this year and, let’s just say Amber knows how to throw a kid’s birthday party. Her attention to detail is amazing! This shoot was special to me because I first met this family soon after this sweet girl was born! I did one of the sweetest fresh 48 sessions with them (and her sister-in-law soon after). I can’t believe it’s been a year already!

H seems to be such a content little babe. She was passed around, left on the ground with friends, and hardly made a peep. I love the way both Mark & Amber look at, both their kiddos, but it’s funny to see H smile back at them. She seems like a goofball and I loved the way she cocked her head and smiled with a scrunched nose. Be sure to check out those family photos!!

The floral/plant/nature theme was so perfect. There were fresh flower everywhere and I felt like I was in a dream. Those anemones!!! And there was a succulent bar!! AH! The kids got to pick out which succulent they wanted, fill it with dirt, and pick what color gravel to put on top. How cute! They also had these really cool snack boards from GRAZE that were just absolutely gorgeous, need to remember that company for future parties! And of course, themed sensory bins! I love sensory bins, I get a little anxious about all the items getting everywhere…. or like, where do you store everything?? But I think the kids really enjoy them and it’s such a fun thing to watch how they manipulate and transfer the beans (or whatever you have in there). Every kid is different and it’s pretty fascinating to watch.

The Hicks have such an amazing community of friends and family. I love how caring and present everyone seemed. Seeing parents being kind, patient, and respectful when they talk to their kiddos is really cool to see. Sometimes I feel alone in that parenting style, so maybe that’s a reason I feel such a connection there. I know how hard parenting is, no matter how you do it, so a big kudos for all the happy and healthy babes! The party was a hit! Here’s a few of my favorites from the day.

balloon garland | GLAMFETTICO

diy succulent | SUCCULENT BAR

snack platter | G R A Z E



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