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Summer Houston Arboretum Family Photography

Weiser Family

Family of four with two boys, close up outdoor portraits. Summer Houston Arboretum Family Photography

A Summer Family Photographer Session at The Houston Arboretum

I knew I was going to like Amanda from our first few email exchanges. She used emojis, lives near The Heights (which is where I’d like to be one day if we have to stay in Houston), and referred to her family of two boys as the “crazy bunch”. So I can totally relate to all of that and was super excited to meet them. We settled on a morning session at the Houston Arboretum!

They showed up with their one year old Golden Retriever, Fenway. Eeeep. They were just the cutest little family I couldn’t help but hug them! They introduced me to their boys and we started walking towards the back pond. I got a little turned around and I think it took longer than it needed to because of the construction they’re doing at the Arboretum—which I’m excited to see what it looks like once they’re all finished!

We made it to the pond just as the sweat started to bead on our foreheads. We hung out a little and then kept moving. Their littlest little was having a hard time and we thought moving around some would help. Once we got towards the front to take a snack break and see if that helped lift spirits. They pulled out the Reece’s Pieces and munched on those for a while and spirits were lifted! The boys started running around and smiling and we got the binkie out! I stayed a little longer to capture some smiles and get more family shots!

It’s sometimes funny to me how parents apologize for their kiddos not co-operating or throwing fits, basically for being kiddos 🙂 But after photographing families for 4+ years and having two of my own, kids seem to know when you’re trying to get together for family pictures, and they just refuse to listen, co-operate, and smile with genuine smiles despite everyone’s best efforts.

I try and assure parents that I take so many that there’s sure to be a few good ones. Which as a mother, I know all I could ask for in that situation is one good family photo, ha! I’m always impressed at parents and the patience they have with children not wanting to participate for good family photos. A lot of the time it feels like a high-stress situation. There’s a lot of pressure and expectations and I think kiddos pick up on that, and revolt.

A lot of the time I’m even impressed with how well shoots like these go. I try not to leave until I’m sure there’s at least a handful of frame-able shots. When I got back and started going through them, there’s a lot more than even I thought there would be! Which I’m so glad about because this family deserves a lot to choose from to update their family portraits, it’s been since before their youngest was born! I’m so happy with how these turned out and I hope they enjoy them and had as much fun (despite the heat and chaos) as I did!


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